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Ring Binders

Bespoke Binders

Binder Creations specialises in the production of custom made binders.  The two most popular sizes are to accept A4 and A5 with allowance for index dividers.

However, we have in-house tool making facilities to manufacture non-standard size binders.

A vast range of PVC coverings are available with numerous colours to choose from.

There are generally three types of rings used, most commonly the ‘D-Ring’ with the ‘arch’, and the ’round’ ring also available.  Capacities vary from 10mm to 65mm.

Another alternative of binding is the ‘postlock’ mechanism; this is suited to accept a greater capacity of paper.

Presentation Binders

This term is commonly used in the binder supplier trade today.  Due to the hectic pace at which business is conducted, the need for binders to be readily available is important, hence our presentation range is our most popular selling product.

Accommodating A4 plus index literature in white PVC with six capacities : 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm.

All binders come complete with full size clear pockets to the front cover and spine for insertion of printed sheets if required.  Simply choose your style of ring (ie. 2D, 3D or 4D).  Benson’s fittings are used. We offer next day service if required.

Recommended print insert sizes for presentation binders are as follows:

D Ring          Front Cover             Spine

15mm           305×237                  305×21
20mm           305×238                  305×25
25mm           305×242                  305×32
40mm           305×247                  305×54
50mm           305×259                  305×61
65mm           308×273                  308×79

Bespoke presentation ring binders

Encapsulated Binders

To assist you in designing your printed sheets for encapsulation, we have prepared a list of suggested sizes to suit our existing tools used in production of our A4 and A5 binders.

(All dimensions are in millimetres. First dimension = depth, second dimension = width, third dimension = spine width)

As professional and reliable office equipment suppliers, we also offer you custom made binders, presentation binders and a range of other products.

Tool Ref.      Binder Size             Suggested Print Size           Fitting Most Suitable

A41              313x235x19             307x231x17                        13 Ring, 10D
A42              313x241x22             307x238x20                        15 Ring
A43              313x246x26             307x242x24                        16 D
A44              313x247x31             307x243x28                        20 D, Arch, 15 Ring
A45              313x251x37             307x247x35                        25 D, Arch, 30 Ring
A46              313x254x47             307x250x45                        30 D, Arch, 35 Ring
A47              313x256x59             307x252x57                        40 D, Arch, Ring
A49              313x267x66             307x264x64                        50 D, Arch, Ring
A410            313x275x84             307x271x82                        65 Arch
160               316x282x84            310x278x82                         65 D 


126               222x185x26            216x181x24                         15 D, 20 Ring
120               222x190x32            216x186x30                         20 D, 25 Ring
97                 222x195x37            216x191x35                         25 D
84                 222x195x50            216x191x48                         30 D
104               222x195x57            216x191x55                         40 D
105               222x205x66            216x201x64                         50


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We were established in 1990 and specialise in POB products including bespoke ring binders, clipboards, pockets, display folders, easel binders, record of achievement, executive products, ID badges, document boxes, CD storage, luggage tags, passport holders, custom packaging, book jackets and card/key fobs.

We manufacture at our Derby based factory and for larger volume orders of PVC/Paper Over Board/Polypropylene products at our factory abroad.
 22 Shaftesbury Street South, Derby, DE23 8YH
 01332 297575
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